Surviving Halloween weight loss with your West Hartford CT Fitness Trainer

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  • Halloween weight loss with your West Hartford CT Fitness Trainer

    Surviving Halloween while trying to eat clean:

    Advice from our West Hartford Connecticut Personal Trainer

    Our West Hartford Connecticut Personal Trainer told us that many of his clients will often ask, this time of year, how they can survive the Halloween Holiday when they love candy and sweets so much?

    Halloween can be scary for many reasons, especially when you are trying to eat healthy and when you’re on a fitness regimen.


    He gave us a few tips that might help even the most die-hard, sweet-toothed person get through Halloween with little to no negative impact.


    “I like Halloween candy, too,” says our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut. “Who doesn’t? But the most pertinent advice I can give to a client who is trying to stay strong and eat right, is to buy the type of candy you do not like.”

    We all have our “least favorite” candies.

    Don’t like nuts? Then buy the peanut butter candies (Reese’s).  Hate coconut or mint? Then purchase Mounds or Junior Mints, so you will not be tempted to reach into the candy bowl.

    “It works,” says our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer. “But you still have to remain vigilant.”


    On the night of Halloween, he suggests having a full satisfying and healthy meal.  “If you’re hungry,”says our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer, “then that will be a recipe for disaster. You will want to eat everything in sight. Having a full meal will make you much less likely to stuff candy into your mouth.”


    Our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut also recommends making a plan and sticking to it.

    “It’s okay to allow yourself one or two pieces of candy, especially if you are using Halloween as your ‘cheat day’. But if you plan for the one, two or three pieces of candy (small size, not large size), then make sure you hold yourself accountable and stop there.”

    He also says that if you are the type of person who cannot stop at a couple of pieces, then you should not start.

    Chew sugar-free gum instead, and drink lots of water.

    In addition, whatever you allow yourself, set it aside to when you have some time to savor


    If you have remained vigilant during Halloween evening, you are not out of the woods yet. Dealing with the aftermath is even trickier, says our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer.

    You now must deal with the candy your children have brought home. And let’s not kid ourselves: all parents steal their kids’ candy.


    “I suggest you create a plan for getting rid of at least some of the candy,” says our personal trainer in West Hartford Connecticut.

    “If you can, and your kids will let you, consider donating much or most of the candy to the troops. If your children will not part with it, consider buying some of their candy from  them to donate.”


    If your children relish every single lollipop at Halloween, says our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer, then portion it out in two-piece bags. This will be the “perfect portion size” for anyone who might partake in a little treat.

    Also, put these portioned- treats in a box or bag that is hard to get to—perhaps high on a shelf in the back of the pantry.

    The reasoning behind this is that if it’s too difficult to obtain, you will be less likely to go after it.

    Finally, says our West Hartford Connecticut personal trainer, make sure you are hitting the gym, you can even lose weight by dancing? Definitely hold yourself accountable to that workout the next day, and the next several days.

    Drink as much water as you can, to ensure you are flushing your body of all that sugar that you don’t normally eat.

    As soon as possible, resume normal eating and if you’re a youth or teen there are specifics to consider, and continue your exercise program. Soon Halloween will be just a memory.

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