Rocco Newington CT Testimonial


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Rocco V.

Rocco Newington CT personal trainer

“I battled weight gain since I was a kid, but managed to take it off by dieting the wrong way.”

“Walking into a regular gym was intimidating, until I found a Horizon Personal Trainer.”

“I have seen tremendous growth in all areas of my life, mentally, socially and physically!”

“I had held a local gym membership for 4 years and always knew the importance of staying physically fit and active, but I never had a sense of direction or purpose to my workouts. I battled some weight gain when I was just a kid, but managed to take it off by dieting the wrong ways in high school. Since then I have always been a very skinny guy. When you’re that size, walking into a gym can be a little intimidating. All I wanted to do was be as strong as the next guy … but now being a hard gainer, many times I became discouraged when I saw limited results, so I stopped working out altogether.”

“A whole year later, I was still thin and out of shape. What was worse, my self-esteem was very low and I felt unhappy all the time. I can remember seeing the Horizon Personal Training banner that hangs over the underpass everyday driving home, visiting the website several times before and one day in August 2007, I decided to make a change. Rather than drive straight home after work, I turned into the parking lot of Horizon Personal Training. Very nervous, but determined I walked through the door and was immediately welcomed by a very courteous personal trainer, who set me up for a consultation on the spot. I knew right then that there was something special about this personal training gym.”

“After signing on, I can tell you that I have seen such tremendous growth in all areas of my life: physically, mentally, and socially. From the very beginning, my personal trainer sat with me and set up a nutritional guide which really works and fits perfectly into my busy schedule. My personal trainer also guides me through each phase of my development, constantly challenging me to stay determined and set continuous goals so that I might progress to the next level.”

“I honestly love every minute of my workouts since joining Horizon Personal Training Centers of Newington, CT! Each trainer is very friendly, knowledgeable and will make you feel welcome. Even after having reached my goal now, I have decided to continue working out with my personal trainer to become stronger and acquire more muscle mass! For the first time in my life, I have a strong body; I feel confident about myself and can’t wait to enjoy the beach again! As a very satisfied client you’ve got to try Horizon Personal Training! It’s worth the time and effort and most importantly, your life will be changed for the better!”

Rocco V.

Rocco Newington CT Testimonial

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